Ah, the morning commute. It’s our chance to fall asleep against the window, scroll aimlessly through Facebook and think up 50 ways we’d like to tell that kid playing music from his phone to QUIT IT, right? Well, it could be, or it could be your chance to take control of your day and maximise your productivity. Whether you’re in for a 15-minute bus trip or a one-hour train ride, there’s a multitude of tasks your can accomplish on you morning commute. Here’s six you can start doing riiight now.

1. Learn a language

Want to brush up on your French before that trip to Paris but don’t have the time? Uh, yeah you do. Download an app like Memrise or listen to the I Will Teach You a Language podcast and start learning. Spend five, 10 or 50 minutes revising vocabulary or studying grammar concepts while you travel, and you’ll have more time to practise speaking when you’re at home or in class. Plus, science says that people who know a second language are more protected from age-related cognitive decline, so it’s defs worth it.

2. Read a book

This just in: People who read often have more empathy than those who don’t (meaning they tend to be nicer) and they also live for longer. Well, what are you waiting for? Instead of staring out the window, lose yourself in a paperback or e-book. Don’t know which novel to choose? Visit Recommend Me a Book for a list of suggestions.

3. Plan your day

Instead of tagging everybody you know in memes, spend some of your morning commute getting organised for the day ahead. Write your to-do list, put a shopping list together, plan your meals for the week or get your BFF’s birthday pressie sorted. Trust us – your future self will thank you.

4. Clean your inbox

While emails that require a more complicated response might have to wait for the office, spend 10 minutes deleting any junk that’s come in overnight and file any messages you can. Want to take your morning prep to the next level? Whip up some draft replies so you can hit ‘send’ as soon as you get to work.

5. Check in

Hands up if you’re one of those people who reply to texts three weeks late because you’re #sobusy? Here’s an idea: set aside some time on your morning commute for texting. You don’t have to do it every day, but if you’re a chronic late-replier, spend one morning a week touching base with your loved ones and friends.

6. Sweat it out

Finding time to work out can be tough, so take the stress out of keeping fit and exercise on your morning commute instead. Nope, we’re not talking about doing burpees on the train – we mean swapping your bus ride for a 20-minute walk. Live kind of close to the station? Break out your bicycle. Or, if you live far away from the office, wear your activewear and hop off a few stops early so you can jog the rest of the way.