Signed up for the challenge? Follow these tips for a smooth, alcohol-free month

1. Let people know

Your commitment to the cause – raising funds for people affected by cancer – is something to be proud of, so don’t be shy, spread the word! If you’re heading to a family event or party, simply let your peeps know you’re going in booze-free. It’ll be a great chance to raise awareness and ask for donations.

2. Hit up Dry July friendly venues

Need more snaz in your soda water? Head to a participating Dry July bar for a taste of specially crafted mocktails. Bring your friends and offer to be designated driver (for a small donation, of course).

For extra support, Michael Chiem from Sydney bar PS40 suggests finding a Dry July buddy. “After all, it’s always easier with a friend,” he says.

3. Find a hobby

You don’t need to sacrifice your social life – swap drinks with the girls for a fun activity such as a cooking night, trivia or a movie marathon.

Then, make the most of a clear mind and hangover-free morning with some great outdoors: take up yoga, hit up a winter bike trail or explore a new area.

4. Have a secondary goal

Taking part in Dry July gives you the chance to really focus on yourself – your own drinking habits and the value of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It’s the perfect mid-year health boost to a new you (and an early start to a killer summer bod).

If the temptation for a glass of wine gets all too real, focus on the positive: think money saved, clear skin, a healthy body and better sleep!

5. Fresh is best

Visit the farmers’ markets on weekends to pick up fresh produce (and ingredients for your next mocktail), suggests Chiem. It’s a great way to pair clean drinking with clean eating, so why not try a new food and drink recipe each week?

Stuck on ideas to fill your cup? For a delicious and refreshing mocktail, try Chiem’s Smoked LLAB.

PS40 Event-1[6]


20ml of PS Smoked Lemonade Syrup

80ml of soda water

10ml of fresh lime juice

4 dashes of Australian Aromatic Bitters

Method: Build in a highball glass over ice. Garnish with a rosemary sprig and lemon wedge.