De-stress your home and banish neg thoughts in five easy steps.

Bring the outdoors in

According to US researchers, indoor plants are total champs at lowering your stress levels, boosting your productivity and improving your health. In fact, a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives found that when women are exposed to greater amounts of vegetation, they have significantly lower mortality rates than those who don’t, so add some greenery to your abode, pronto. Don’t have a green thumb? Nab yourself a hardy succulent for your kitchen or bathroom, but if know how to wield a watering can, visit Plants in a Box and turn your living room into an indoor forest.

Go tech-free

Yeah, we know, you’d rather climb Mount Everest than give up Netflix Sundays, but hear us out: For a peaceful home, you need a tech-free zone. Ban anything digital from one area of your house or apartment (the bedroom would be a good start), then dedicate this space to activities that make you feel chilled (like reading a book, talking to your mum or colouring in). By doing this, you’ll release yourself from the stress of always being connected and give your mind a chance to settle.

Choose the right decor

Want to unwind as soon as you step in the door? This just in: Do NOT paint your living room red. During a study by researchers from the University of Minnesota, scientists found that the colour red can heighten emotions and stress. Splash a lick of green paint on your walls, though, and you’ll send those anxious feels plummeting. Once you’ve picked the right hue, sprinkle some feel-good phrases from Hard to Find on your walls to help de-stress your digs and keep the happy vibes flowing.


Buy a diffuser or oil burner and flood your crib with pure rose or lavender essential oil (or, if you don’t have those gadgets handy, just add a few drops of your oil of choice to a handkerchief and stash it in a pot plant). Studies show that the smell of rose and lavender can decrease stress and anxiety levels and also improve sleep.

Clear the clutter

If your house is a minefield of clothes, magazines, shoes, tupperware containers and precariously stacked dinner plates, finding inner peace will be way harder than it needs to be. Give your home a spring-clean by donating anything you don’t need to charity, keeping on top of the dishes and actually putting dirty clothes in a linen hamper, and we promise you’ll create a safe, open space you can relax in – not trip over.