This is a time for women to focus on all aspects of our health – and not just physical.

You’ll all know that feeling of frustration when you tell your best friend she’s looking absolutely gorgeous and she quickly shuts it down. But when the same is said to you on a different occasion, you knock back that compliment too.

What’s frustrating is that recent research by Jean Hailes shows that women are their own worst critics. 57 per cent of survey respondents compare their body to family and friends, and 76 per cent say the biggest influence on body image is their own perception of themselves.

To us, that seems like way too much spent on negative thinking and it’s damn exhausting. So what can we do to ditch the neg vibes and start being more self-lovin’? ‘Cos in the name of Biebs, you should go and love yourself.

Embrace what you love about your body
Got a booty that could rival Kimmy K’s or have toned arms like Steph Claire Smith? Embrace it, girl! You should focus on all the wonderful things your body is capable of, whether it’s being able to hit a PB on a deadlift, or making just one trip from the car to your front door carrying ALL the groceries. These efforts deserve some praise.


Ditch the stuff dragging you down
Anything that makes you feel bad about yourself, whether it’s Insta accounts or friends on FB, right click and remove them from your life. It it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind.

Be kind to yourself
Make positive statements about your body that you do like and keep repeating them. Every time you catch yourself thinking about your body in a negative way, swap it for a positive statement. Eventually, it’ll become a habit!

Workout to feel good, not to burn calories
Move your body in ways that you love. If running for 3o minutes on the treadmill is your own version of hell, swap it for an activity that you actually enjoy, like hiking with friends.

Drop the dead weight
Surround yourself with people who make you feel happy, positive and comfortable. The more you fill up your life with people you enjoy to be around, the less you stress you’ll feel. You’ll soon start to realise that feeling good in your skin isn’t about weight or clothing sizes, it’s about accepting and loving yourself for who you are.

Words by Natasha Corner.