Heading to the snow this winter? There’s a few things you need to know before you hit the powder. Aussie snowboarder and Burton team rider Jess Rich spends her year chasing winter around the world, so she has the lowdown on how to max your time on the slopes. Here’s Jess’s top tips for an awesome snow adventure.

1. Be prepared for the elements

Check the forecast the day before you ride and layer up accordingly. You want nice, breathable layers. Try to avoid cotton – it doesn’t breathe and gets wet, which will eventually make you cold. A good-quality, breathable first layer under your outerwear is so much more comfortable, along with dry socks, a facemask and beanie.

2. Ride with friends

A fun group of friends can make any day the best day ever. Try to ride with people around the same ability as you. That way, you learn and progress together. You might even make some new friends in a group lesson!

3. Stretch it out

A quick warm-up with some stretching and muscle activation makes it so easy to get going once you’re on the hill. Plus, it reduces your chances of getting injured.

4. Fuel up

Eat something in the morning so you’ve got the energy you’ll need for a day on the hill. Snowboarding is good exercise, so drink a bottle of water on the drive or the walk from the hotel. I always pack snacks in my jacket to save some cash and maximise riding time.

5. Invest in your gear

The right gear just makes life so much better. The key is to stay warm and dry with waterproof outerwear and gloves. This season I’m wearing the Burton Prowess jacket, which is super warm, has a top waterproof rating, but also looks cool! When it comes to your board, boots and bindings, sure the new stuff is best, but you could also consider good-quality rental gear from your resort if you’re just starting out. Your gear is a long-term investment – the better it is, the longer it will last.

Photography by Boen Ferguson