Fact: We spend a third of our lives in our bed. So, it’s only fair that bed be the most comfortable thing you own, right? We got Dany Milham, co-founder of Koala Mattress, to tell us what we should know before buying a mattress so we can get the best sleeps of your life every. Single Night.

Try before you buy
Too often, the only chance you get to test out a mattress is in the store. A few minutes laying down won’t always give you an indication of how suited the mattress is to your body, meaning you may end up with one that’s not quite right.  Look for brands that offer extended trial periods so you can assess your new mattress over time. This will let you work out whether it’s going to be the right one for you.

Know what’s right for you
Everyone has a preference when it comes to mattresses – some like a soft, cushioning feel whilst others are a stickler for a hard, firm base. But just because you like the feel of something doesn’t mean it’s best for your spine. If you find yourself with any kind of back pain, it might be worth getting a chiropractor’s advice prior to shopping for a new mattress.

Make sure it’s got new technology
There are a number of new technologies being applied to mattress production these days, and different materials will provide different results. It’s hot in Australia, especially during summer when night temperatures can stay in the 30s. Overheating during sleep is a recipe for a bad night’s rest. To help stay cool and sleep comfortably all year round, look for a mattress made from advanced materials that promote breathability and air flow.

Choose quality over price
When making a purchase, you should look at your new mattress as an investment in your health. From improved posture to better sleep quality, the right mattress can do wonders for your overall wellbeing. With this in mind, take your time, spend wisely and if something seems too good (i.e. cheap) to be true, it probably is! Mattresses should be made from quality materials and be built to last for approximately 10 years.

Be eco-friendly
As consumers, all of us have a responsibility to make eco-conscious choices. This mentality should apply to any kind of purchase – from your weekly fruit and veg shop to a major household appliance. Do your research, be informed and look for brands whose manufacturing processes have minimal impact on the environment. For example, all Koala mattresses are made from 100 per cent recyclable materials and our foam layers are certified ‘Good Environmental Choice’ products.

Happy mattress shopping!

Read more about how the wrong mattress can be damaging your health in our summer issue, out now.

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