Do you go to barre class more than four times a week? Do you plié every time you pick something off the floor? When someone says ‘let’s go to a bar’, do you automatically reach for your grip socks and tights? If you answered yes to all of the above, congrats – you’re a fully-fledged barre convert. But we reckon it’s time you considered taking things to the next level – becoming a barre teacher.

We quizzed Barre Body Founder, Emma Seibold, about the signs you should turn your passion into a successful, fulfilling career.

1) You like people
If you’re a nurturer and love helping others, teaching barre will be incredibly rewarding for you. The best barre teachers know how to engage with their clients by learning their names, finding out about their body and any concerns or injuries they may have, and creating a warm, welcoming environment. Eye contact and hands-on corrections can go a long way to ensuring clients are truly engaged in the class and making the most of their time with you. It’s important that a loving connection is formed so you can support and motivate them to accomplish their fitness goals, even if it means pushing them through just five more pulses whilst receiving daggering looks.

2.) Attention to detail is important to you
In barre classes, quality is more important than quantity, so if you have an eye for detail, you’ll be able to teach safely and with excellence. Alignment is the key to your clients getting the best results, as applying the correct technique makes a huge difference. Amazing barre instructors are able to acutely spot poor form and make the appropriate corrections to protect everyone from injury and really optimise the exercises.

3.) You’re a multitasker
Really great barre teachers can juggle multiple things at once as there can be lots going on in a group class. Not only do you need to demonstrate the exercises, verbally cue, correct form, and keep everyone engaged with motivational chatter, you also need to be aware of your physical environment as well. Is the room temperature cool enough after the warm-up, is the music too loud or too soft, have you turned down the lighting when you transition to stretching? Keeping any client pregnancies or injuries front of mind is also important so you can offer modifications simultaneously to the regular exercises.

4.) You’re creative
Being a barre teacher offers you variety to develop dynamic and diverse class plans. Unlike some other disciplines, barre allows you to explore elements of Pilates, yoga, dance and ballet to truly find your own unique and effective mix of complementary exercises. With such diverse repertoire to play around with, neither you nor your clients will ever become bored! The best barre teachers in the industry are always learning, exploring and experimenting with something new. If you stay curious and playful you will continuously improve your classes and become a highly successful barre teacher.

Oh, and being creative with your music selection can truly make or break the experience for your clients, so exploring all aspects of your creativity will come into play when planning a dynamic class!

5.) Your fitness and wellbeing is a priority
Living the life of a barre teacher can be incredible rewarding for many reasons, but one of those is that teaching barre workouts feels amazing on your body. Unlike other higher intensity fitness disciplines that can be taxing on your body with regular practice, being a barre teacher allows you to create lean tone and shape without regular injury or fatigue. When your career relies on your body functioning optimally every day, it’s only natural that you focus on good nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. Barre teachers glow with health and happiness, so if you want to live a balanced, flexible life that incorporates daily movement then this may be the career for you!

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