Introducing… nice-cream, the latest health trend you’re probs gonna start eating all the time after reading this. Here are our reasons why we love it and why you will too.

It’s quick and easy to make
Making nice-cream simply involves blending ripe bananas to make a healthy ‘soft serve.’ You can now enjoy ice-cream without the guilt. Sounds like a dream come true, right?

It’s super delish
Think thick, creamy and cold. Something about freezing and blending bananas a) miraculously removes the banana-ry flavour (good news for all the ‘nana haters out there) and b) replicates that traditional soft-serve consistency. And if that doesn’t tantalise your tastebuds….

You can use any ingredient
Yep, it’s like healthy Cold Rock! Pimp your nice-cream with peanut butter, cacao, berries, choc chips – you name it, you can add it! Top it with granola, coconut yoghurt and nuts to make a more substantial meal out of it.

It’s a healthier alternative 

Traditional ice-cream is laden with sugar, dairy and saturated fats. Nice-cream is based on just bananas and that’s it. It’s vegan, dairy-free and refined sugar-free which means it’s totes allowed on the diet. Think again before chowing down that McFlurry at the drive-thru – a much more delicious and nutritious option awaits.

It’s versatile
Nice-cream has now become a totally acceptable way to start the day (thank us later) and it’s also a great way to curb those late-night sweet cravings without copping a bucketload calories. Make it as fruity and fresh or as chocolatey and indulgent as you like, the choice is yours!

Nice-cream blending tips:

  • Be sure to peel your bananas before freezing.
  • Break each banana into about 4 pieces before freezing.
  • Freeze the bananas when they are ripe (green bananas will make your nicecream taste sour).
  • Wait just a few minutes before blending for the bananas to slightly defrost.
  • Use a high-quality food processor or blender (a Vitamix works best).
  • At first, the banana will look crumbly. Stop the blender, push down the sides with a spoon and then continue blending.
  • If your blender isn’t coping, add a dash of nut milk.

Berry ‘cheesecake’ nice-cream recipe
If we’ve convinced you to give nice-cream ago, start with this easy recipe from Sophie Fisher of @coconutandbliss.

4 large frozen bananas (peeled and chopped)
¼ cup almond butter (or cashew butter)
1/2 cup frozen raspberries

Combine all ingredients in a high-power blender, blend until smooth and creamy. Spoon into bowls and top with desired toppings.

Serves 2.

Words and images by Sophie Fisher.

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