At-home workouts are easy, convenient, and you can get away with wearing your underwear. Sounds amazing, right? The number of people training at home is continually on the rise, but at times it can be hard to stay motivated when doing so. Whether you’re short for time one day and need to squeeze in a quick home workout, or your usual routine is to exercise at home, these five tips from personal trainer Danielle Bazergy will hopefully keep you in check and on track.

1 Set a space

Unless you’ve got a home gym (in that case can I please come over?), designating a room/space is essential when wanting to keep yourself motivated to workout at home. Make sure this space is separate from all the distractions in your house, i.e. the piles of paperwork that need to be tended to, dirty laundry sitting in the corner staring back at you, or even the kitchen being in plain sight… this can be dangerous. Find a big enough space that will work, make sure it’s clutter/distraction free and has some kind of air flow; breathing is kind of essential when working out.

2 Make a kickass playlist

You know when you’re working out at your local gym and that not-so gym worthy 2007 Katy Perry track comes on (still love you KP, you’re a Queen) – it’s demotivating, right? Well, when your home is your gym, you get to be the DJ. Having a killer playlist is probably one of the most exciting things about getting to exercise at home! Whether you’re making your own or using one you’ve found elsewhere, make sure it’s full of songs that are going to want to make you move. I’m sure we’re all already there, but if you’re not on the Spotify boat just yet, you’re sure to find your sound here.

3 Schedule it in

That appointment to get your hair done is super important, I get it, and so is the time you set aside each week to binge watch your fave TV show (can I get a hell yeah from my /Suits/ cult!). Guess what, your workout is just as – if not more – important! Open up your diary/calendar and pop your workout right in there, set yourself a convenient time and hold yourself accountable.

4 Have a plan of attack

There’s nothing worse than being unprepared. Showing up to the gym without a planned workout in mind is risky, more often than not it will lead to a lazy, unproductive and unintentional workout – we’ve all been there. Planning your workouts ahead of schedule can be a nice handy tool to use when trying to stay motivated. Not only will it keep you interested and wanting to train, but it will also allow you to make your training effective in working towards a goal. I find planning my workouts a week or a few weeks at a time to be extremely helpful, or even following an online program can be very helpful.

5 Grab a buddy

Going out for dinner, going for a sunny coastal walk, or watching a terrifying horror film – what do they all have in common? They’re generally much more fun when not done alone. Same goes for training! So grab your mum, brother, partner, neighbour or housemate and get it done together. I promise it’ll be much more fun and motivating when watching them struggle with you.

Danielle is a personal trainer from Sydney who has launched an circuit and strength training program for women, with a strong focus on the online community; replicating the support and motivation you’d get from face-to-face personal and group training. She wishes to inspire women to expand their horizons when exercising, and to be confident when doing so!