Nike trainer, Mathieu Dore is a seriously efficient runner, we got to see this firsthand when he beat us by a solid two minutes at Nike’s Fastest Mile event. As a Nike Run Club trainer, he knows how to get the best out of people and in order to be the best, you need to train like the best. If you’ve hit a plateau or simply want to improve your running, Dore is your guy. He ran us through a few tips (pun intended) to make sure we’re training like the athletes do.

Be accountable

The key is to find your form of accountability! The Nike+ Running App can keep track of the distance, pace and frequency of your runs.

A simple trick is to track your improvement. Elite athletes measure every second and every centimeter of their progress. Not only will this up your motivation but it will also allow you to monitor when it is time to increase the frequency and/or intensity of your training sessions.

Speed it up

Once in a while, GO FAST! Speed workouts, like interval training, can improve your conditioning, your metabolism, train the nervous system to work more efficiently and build muscle. These sessions allow you to get great results in a short amount of time.

Try this in your next session:

  • 10 minute easy jog warm up.
  • 5 x 400m FAST with two minute recovery walk or jog in between each set.
  • 10 minute easy jog warm down.

Go for a goal

Choose a goal that puts a fire in your belly and some spring in your step. It could be a fun run located in a place you have always wanted to travel to or a distance you are excited to strive for.

Following a training plan or joining a running group like weekly Nike+ Run Club sessions is a great way to work towards your goal.

Respect your recovery

Recovery days are the most important days. Recovery can be anything from a day off, to a light run or a yoga class. Listen to your body, because when done correctly, recovery days can enhance the quality of your training.

Eating a diet of balanced carbohydrates, protein and fats will ensure your body can repair and rejuvenate as necessary. Proper nutrition can be the difference between feeling run down and sore the next day or ready and raring to go to take on another course.

The right gear

The right gear is about a balance between form and function.

No one wants chafing while they run, or a waist band that droops during a downward dog. Ask yourself if your needs are being met for the specific activity you are doing, and if you feel great in what you are wearing.

Get properly fitted for your shoes and bra by an expert. Nike stores offer free gait analysis and bra fitting to help you get in the zone to perform at your best.