You don’t need to be a hardcore hiker to take on these incredible multi-day treks – and that’s exactly why you need to experience the beauty of these destinations for yourself. So, are you ready for an adventure?

Inca Trail, Peru


It’s the most famous hike in South America – and for good reason. Once you get through the cold nights and exhaustion of the trail, you’ll reach the peak and see the lush mountain terrain and ruins of the ancient, forgotten city of Machu Pichu. Breathe in the crisp mountain air and take in the sights around you (FYI, no amount of ‘gramming will ever do it justice).

How long: 7 days
When to visit: May – September
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Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania



It would be pretty cool to say you’ve climbed Africa’s highest peak, right? Well, you should defs take on this hike so you can talk about your incredible feat to anyone who’ll listen. On the way up the mountain, you’ll pass through tropical forests, sparse plains and glistening glaciers. Make sure you get the mandatory selfie in front of the ‘congratulations’ sign at the very top!

How long: 8 days
When to visit: September – March
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Torres del Paine Circuit, Patagonia



One glance at the towering, rocky mountains of Torres del Paine and you’ll be forced to pick your jaw up off the floor – it’s THAT incredible. Located in South America’s most mesmerising national parks, there’ll be plenty of wildlife to see. You’ll trek past glaciers, Lake Dickson and countless rivers and lagoons to pop your bare feet in after a long day. The mountains look a lot more daunting than what the actual hike is. You don’t need to be a hardcore trekker, just physically fit and active.

How long: 12 days
When to visit: December – March
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Lost City, Colombia



Go on a cultural journey to the ruins of Teyuna, through lush jungle and past swirling rivers. You’ll get to sleep in hammocks with the locals which is as cool as it sounds. The trek is physically demanding with its high altitudes and steps, but you’ll be able to cool off with a dip in one of the many natural pools. Be warned, there are 1,200 steps to get to the Lost City – but once you’re at the top and see the sights, you’ll be happy to do it all over again.

How long: 7 days
When to visit: December – March
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Mont Blanc, Europe


This trek through the Alps will take you through three countries – France, Italy and Switzerland. It’s challenging but you’ll be too entranced by the sweeping valleys, jutting glaciers and soft meadows to notice. It’s one of the world’s greatest walks so make sure you check it off your bucket list.

How long: 10 days
When to visit: June – September
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All pics supplied by G Adventures.