My boyfriend had been doing Crossfit for a couple of years, but I’d never joined him. He’d been nagging me to join for so long, but I always made excuses – too expensive, can’t get there, not fit enough, etc. I’ve always enjoyed doing weights more than cardio (I hate running), so I’m not exactly sure what was holding me back. We recently moved to a new apartment with a Crossfit gym literally five minutes down the road so I figured my excuses were redundant at this point. Much to my boyfriend’s delight, I contacted the Crossfit gym and signed up for the two free trial classes on offer.

Here’s every thought I had during that very first class:

  1. These people are ripped as hell.
  2. I am so unprepared for this.
  3. That’s the WOD? Crap.
  4. I’m just gonna slowly make my way to the back of the class.
  5. Great, the instructor called out my name in front of everyone anyway.
  6. Yes, hello, I’m a Crossfit noob and I have no idea what I’m doing. Carry on.
  7. Ok, we’re stretching. This is the easy part.
  8. Now he’s talking about the workout.
  9. So, it’s like a circuit. With weights.
  11. Aaaand he just gave me the lightest weight amongst the group. Great but also kinda embarrassing.
  12. Oh God, we’re starting.
  13. He just started the clock – we’re being timed?!?
  14. This is REALLY hard. But bearable.
  15. I came last but not dead last so that’s ok.
  16. Did he just say this was the warm up?
  17. I think he did.
  18. Sweet Jesus.
  19. Ok so that’s the actual WOD. And it includes 800m of running? THREE TIMES?
  20. I haven’t run that much in three years.
  21. Please no.
  22. Don’t make me do it.
  23. We’re starting. And we’re being timed again.
  24. Deadlifts I can do.
  25. I feel kinda badass right now.
  26. Now it’s ab crunches with a weight plate.
  27. This is killer.
  28. The instructor’s pep-talking me. Yes, I CAN do this. Yes, I’m doing a great job!
  29. Now I’m running.
  30. Urghhhh.
  31. One round down. I’m sweating hard.
  32. Ok, last run now. Then it’s all over.
  33. People in the class are cheering me on! Usually I’d be embarrassed because of the attention on my super-sweaty self but I’m kinda digging this.
  34. Somehow I’m sprinting?! How is my body doing this?
  35. I’m so sore but I’m almost there, you guys!
  36. OMG I made it. I’m dead. RIP me.
  37. I want to collapse but everyone is high-fiving me and telling me I nailed it.
  38. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard in my life. And I think it was because of this crazy, motivating bunch.
  39. I like this!
  40. BRB, still trying to catch my breath.
  41. Now comes the cool down. Phew, it’s all over.
  42. So that was actually pretty fun.
  43. I’ll defs be back.
  44. (Maybe in a week when I’ve recovered.)

By WF digital editor Jacqui King.