If you’ve ever gone to a supplement store to purchase a protein powder then you’ll know that it’s not exactly a simple process. Picking your favourite flavour is the least of your worries when you’ve got to decide if you need a whey protein or a pea protein. A whey protein isolate or casein. You can get protein powders that are high carb, low carb, low fat or packed full of good fats. You can see where we’re going with this…

To narrow down your selection, we’ve put three, natural protein powders to the test.

We used them in a smoothie (a mix of banana, kale, cinnamon, ice and water) and in a raw slice (packed with cashews, dates, peanut butter and almond meal) to help you make your selection. All three of these powders don’t contain any artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

Here’s our verdict.

Mirrabooka Natural Protein Powder
RRP $64.95 for 1kg

This whey protein is grass fed, low carb, gluten and GMO free. It contains no artificial additives, added sugar, fillers or maltodextrin.

Flavour: We tried the natural flavour and by itself, mixed with water it tastes just like milk.

In a smoothie: Mirrabooka’s protein powder mixes well in a liquid. There’s no gritty texture and thanks to its natural flavour, it didn’t take away from the banana and cinnamon in our smoothie.

In a slice: The powder soaked up a lot of moisture and gave the slice a creamy taste. The natural flavour didn’t overpower the dates, peanut butter and cashews in the slice. Once the slice set in the fridge, the protein powder was almost non-detectable.

Verdict: A great whey-based option. The powder isn’t grainy at all and mixes well. If the plain, natural flavour isn’t for you, Mirrabooka has vanilla and chocolate flavours available too.

Bare Blends Organic Vanilla Bean Native WPI
RRP $62.99 for 1kg

Bare Blends’ whey protein blend is grass-fed, gluten free, sugar free, low lactose and non-GMO. The powder uses organic flavourings and it’s extremely low carb.

Flavour: The vanilla bean flavour is light and remiscent of good-quality vanilla ice cream.

In a smoothie: The Bare Blends powder mixed with the banana to create a really creamy texture. It mixed well and left no powdery residue in our mouth. Plus, the vanilla helped mask the kale in the smoothie.

In a slice: This powder added a slightly floury texture to the slice. The vanilla flavour was fantastic with the peanut butter and dates, trasnforming this treat into a healthy vanilla slice.

Verdict: A delicious flavour and well-priced for a powder with premium ingredients. This powder is a smoothie-lovers dream.

Amazonia Purple Rice Protein Vanilla and Acai
RRP $49.95 for 450g

Amazonia Raw Purple Rice Protein is lactose free and the first-to-market source of protein and nutrients created from sustainably farmed purple rice. It’s a natural source of fibre, contains a well-balanced amino acid profile and has a high protein to low carbohydrate ratio (3:1).

Flavour: The vanilla acai flavour is sweet and slightly fruity. It tastes like a delicious acai bowl.

In a smoothie: This powder offers a thicker texture than both the whey proteins. It required a little extra blending to get rid of the lumps but once it was combined it made our smoothie seriously tasty (and seriously purple).

In a slice: The powder gave the slice a much thicker texture and its flavour was perfect with the dates and PB.

Verdict: The high antioxidant content in this protein powder is what makes it a real winner. We love it because of its acai flavour and the fact that it has no aftertaste whatsoever.