If all these signs apply to you, you probably spend more time at the gym than your actual home.

  1. You get crazy excited when your fave cross-trainer is available. Everyone knows you have practically reserved it.
  2. Not to mention, you also have dibs on the same locker everyday and there are serious consequences for anyone who dare tries to steal it.
  3. You know the class timetable off by heart. And the instructors. No need to look it up.
  4. You’ve tried every class on offer, i.e. you’re practically known as the gym guru.
  5. You rep the ‘activewear’ look even when you’re not at the gym. It’s kinda your uniform.
  6. Before you say yes to that coffee catch-up, you make sure there’s no clash with any fitness classes you’ve booked into. Can’t have social life getting in the way now.
  7. You feel utterly distraught when your favourite boxing instructor is away.
  8. You have a gym squad going on and have made new gym buddies.
  9. Working out makes you feel out of this world. Why, hello there endorphins.
  10. You can’t remember the last time you bathed at home – the gym has become your daily shower time.
  11. If you go two days without hitting the gym, you feel antsy.
  12. Your new Lululemon leggings are, in your opinion, greater than any party dress money can buy.
  13. You find yourself checking the clock all day at work purely because you’re itching for that end-of-day sweat sesh.
  14. Forget going out to bars. HIIT treadmill training followed by a protein shake = your Saturday night #goals.
  15. Your handbag is always equipped with a drink bottle, a sweat towel and a protein bar. Prep is everything.
  16. You don’t even care about the cost of membership – you definitely get your money’s worth.
  17. You squeeze in a morning and night sesh when you can, and sometimes even ditch drinks with the gals for an extra workout.
  18. You have a pumping Spotify playlist going on that you use specifically for working out.
  19. A day doesn’t go by without you using some or all of the following words: squat, glutes, quads and core.
  20. Your friendship with your instructors have now gone Facebook official.
  21. Rushing into work post-workout with tomato-red cheeks and hair drenched in sweat doesn’t even phase you anymore in the slightest.
  22. Sore muscles actually give you joy.
  23. Majority of your selfies are in the gym mirrors. Guilty!

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