There’s no one more important to a woman than her mum.

  1. You’d ditch date night to watch The Crown with her in a second.
  2. Forget Christmas – Mother’s Day is where it’s at. You love going over the top with gifts.
  3. She’s the first one you tell everything and anything to.
  4. The last argument you had is nothing but a distant memory. And it was probs something to do with her wanting to shout dinner.
  5. Being mad at her lasts approximately 47 seconds.
  6. You talk on the phone every day, and if you haven’t heard from her 24 hours, you assume the worst. Pretty much, you have separation anxiety.
  7. Any card or note she gives to you is tucked away in a box for safe keeping.
  8. No matter what time it is, you can call her and she’ll be your number one support. AKA your mum is your life cheerleader.
  9. She’s honest and dishes out the hard truths. But that’s what besties are for, right?
  10. If something ever happened to her, you know your world would come tumbling down.
  11. If anyone is ever rude to her, that person is dead to you.
  12. She has the answer to EVERYTHING. Like where you missing cardigan is despite the fact she doesn’t live with you. She has super powers.
  13. You’ve realised you’re pretty much the same person and you’re kinda happy about it.
  14. You have your rituals, like if you have go shopping, you always have to go to a café for a scone and hot choccie.
  15. If you’re feeling a little edgy post-work, she knows exactly how to calm you down – like with some camomile tea and dark chocolate.
  16. She’s always the first to like your Facebook post.
  17. She’s super proud of everything you do and even though you tell her to stop cos it’s embarrassing, you totally love it.
  18. She can hang out with you and your friends without it being weird.
  19. You’re the favourite child and everyone in your fam knows it (soz bro).
  20. You go on holidays together and have the best time. Awkward silences don’t exist when you two are together!
  21. Every time you see her you get a goofy grin on your face.
  22. Your life goal is to raise a daughter and have the same strong bond that you and your mum have.

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