Don’t get us wrong, we love summer too. But the chilly season comes with its positives! If you have a case of the winter blues RN, read this list to fall in love with the cold.

1. Hot drinks. Hot chocolate, coffee and mulled wine are the liquid nectar of the gods.

2. You can eat all the comfort food, like soups, stews and roasts, every. Single. Night.

3. You don’t need to shave your legs. Or armpits. Or even wear a bra, for that matter. What’s underneath will never be seen.

4. It’s totally acceptable to stay inside under your cosy blanket all day.

5. Winter fashion is so much cuter than summer fashion. Give us all the scarves, coats, beanies, boots and knits.

6. Flannelette sheets. Sliding into bed is what heaven must feel like.

7. Fire places. Where the marshmallows at?

8. You don’t get sweaty 90 per cent of the time.

9. You can use your electric blanket every night – it just feels so luxe.

10. You can shower for as long as you damn well please. Or have the longest bath ever.

11. If you want to get that #nofilter sunrise shot for Insty, you don’t need to wake up at the ungodly hour of 5am.

12. You don’t have to feel bad about cancelling plans when it’s freezing outside.

13. You don’t have to wash/do your hair. Throw on a beanie and you’re good to go!

14. You can go skiing and build snowmen while singing Frozen songs.

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