1. Spending 8 hours a day together just isn’t enough. You go for after-work drinks a couple of nights a week, you text every other night and you have weekend catch-ups on the reg.
  1. You sit next to each other but you inbox each other on FB all day. You know that if you ever put your conversations into work email, you’d probs be fired for your #NSFW convos.
  1. She gives the best pep talks. Whether it’s asking for a raise from your boss or having a fight with your partner, she always makes you feel better.


  1. She makes an excellent cuppa. Making a good cup of tea is a fine art and she absolutely nails it. In fact, you both have synchronised tea breaks so you can gossip.
  1. She’s sometimes the only thing that can you get you through a bad work day – no matter if it’s just a case of Monday-itis or if you’ve just been berated by your boss. She’ll always put a smile on your face.
  1. You give each other little gifts. Whether it’s a Mars bar when you’ve got your period or chicken soup when you’re sick, she always makes small but meaningful gestures.
  1. She’s got your back. A colleague was bitching about you? She’ll stick up for you and make a sassy little comeback that will shut them right up.


  1. You live for lunch breaks. A full hour of uninterrupted chats about life while sitting in the park is bliss.
  1. When she calls in sick you want to do the same. And if you do have to go in to the office, you text her everything she’s missed all day anyway.
  1. Everything you tell each other is locked in the vault forever, judgement free. There’s not much you don’t know about each other.
  1. You’re never envious or jealous of each other’s success; you’re genuinely stoked to see each other do well.
  1. You always find a way to get paired up on group activities.