Do the words WOD, AMRAP, toes to bar, bear complex and double unders sound familiar to you? Then chances are you're a Crossfit chick.

If you aren’t familiar with Revie Jane Schulz, let us introduce her. As the owner of her own CrossFit box dubbed CF Babes Miami, the writer of an eBook and the best dressed CrossFit chick we’ve ever seen, she knows a thing or two about achieving goals and motivating others while she’s at it.

When it comes to CrossFit, it’s not just a fitness program; it’s a way of life. CrossFit lovers are a passionate, resilient and highly motivated crew.

Revie, like many others, has experienced some things that many of you CrossFit chicks can probably relate to. From gnarly calluses to DOMs so bad you can’t raise your arms to wash your hair, CF chicks, can I get a hell yeah?

  1. When you go to meet a cute guy and fist bump instead of shaking hands so he doesn’t have to feel all of your calluses.
  2. When you go to a restaurant and see a Paleo option on the menu, meaning your decision is made and you cease your search.
  3. When you’re trying to bust a move on the dance floor but your arms are so tired from all those pull ups, so you settle for an awkward dead arm sway instead. Men, please form an orderly line!
  4. You get that sinking feeling when you realise you don’t have knee-high socks and there are rope climbs in the WOD. Rope burns on my shins? HERE I COME!
  5. You look like you’ve been violently whipped on the back of your legs but really, you’ve just been practicing your double unders.
  6. When, like Sir Mix-a-lot, all you want is a bigger butt, not a smaller one.
  7. When you see a partner WOD on the whiteboard and you waste no time in rushing to stand beside your bestie.
  8. When your favourite song comes on during your WOD and you suddenly go into overdrive. Unbroken reps– not a problem.
  9. When you stop going out past 9pm on Friday nights because you want to be ready to kill your Saturday morning workout.
  10. When your non-CrossFit friends think you’re crazy and ask you to stop posting about CrossFit. NEVER!