Let’s be real, it can be hard motivating yourself to get out of the comforts of your warm home to go and train. Over the past few winters, you probably ended up bailing on most of your workouts because leaving your doona cocoon was impossible.

But don’t let this chilly season be the same as all the others. You just need to prepare yourself correctly for the cold air – and we spoke to the right woman for tips on how to do just that. Samantha Gash, ambassador for Run Melbourne presented by lululemon, is no stranger to running in extreme conditions. She’s the first woman to complete the Four Deserts Grandslam – 4 x 250km desert ultramarathons in the hottest, coldest, driest and windiest deserts on earth. Samantha (pictured above) has most recently returned from a 3253km, 77 day run across India where she assisted in raising money for education programs in India. We’re exhausted just typing all that!

So, to give you some inspo for getting outside to exercise during the cold months ahead, Samantha gave us her 10 tips for training in winter when all you wanna do is stay in bed.

  1. Get the right gear! If you are running in winter, make sure to have a kit containing a lightweight rain jacket, a light long sleeve top, tights and gloves. 
  2. Wear layers that can be easily removed and cover up your extremities with gloves and a buff or beanie.
  3. Start cool! It’s easy to look outside and rug up with too many layers, only to have to strip them off a few hundred metres into our run when your body warms up. You want to be a little cool in your gear when you first step outside, your body will heat up pretty quickly so you don’t want to start cosy and warm. 
  4. Be tough. Tell yourself that running in cold weather is something that is going to make you mentally tough. A bit of positive mindset can make all the difference in getting yourself out the door. 
  5. Warm up properly and even extend your warm up – only increase your pace once your body has warmed up. 
  6. Be safe – it gets lighter much later in winter so if you have to run first thing in the morning make sure you find a place that is lit up or wear a head torch. 
  7. Check the weather forecast and if you have flexibility with your run time, perhaps pick the best time of the day without rain! Although, there is something pretty special about running in the rain.
  8. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Even though it’s colder, you still need to hydrate whilst running – particularly on your longer runs. 
  9. Have a protein shake 20 minutes after your run – this is relevant for any weather conditions. 
  10. After doing all this, try Run Melbourne! Run Melbourne presented by lululemon is on Sunday 30 July – right in the heart of winter and a great way to beat the cold with 20,000 others.

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