Considering most of us spend the majority of our life at work, it makes sense to want to inject little bit of joy into the daily nine-to-five grind. Enter the work BFF. Tania Alaee and Gloria Gammo, founders of luxury marriage proposal service my proposal co., started off as work BFFs and ended up as successful business partners. Gloria gives us the low-down on why having a work bestie is…well…the best!

  1. When Monday rolls around, you’re actually excited to get into the office to catch up on all your BFF’s weekend activities (if you haven’t already had a running commentary via text)
  2. You share snacks, gossip, stationery, hair ties, and both have excellent taste in dog memes.
  3. A day in the office always includes at least one laughing-til-you’re-crying moment—good for the soul, and for the abs!
  4. You’ve got each other’s back. If your work BFF has had a rough day you’re the first to suggest an after work wine, or a walk around the park to debrief about your grumpy boss, and vice versa.
  5. You’re all over each other’s pinterest inspo boards…  In fact, Tania’s partner enlisted my help to plan her perfect proposal because he knew I was across exactly what she liked, which also ended up being the ‘a-ha!’ moment that led to my proposal co. being founded.
  6. You share a deep, committed love of cheesecake (or any cake, really) and when her birthday rolls around you make sure that the office shout includes your BFF’s fave tasty morsels. No supermarket-brand biscuits up in here!
  7. You’re similar, but also have different skills, which means you not only make great BFFs, but you make a great work team. Tania is incredibly astute and empathetic and always delivers a personalised, creative one-of-a-kind proposal, and I love working on the marketing strategy and logistics side. It’s the perfect match.
  8. Your email trail resembles a (hilarious) stream of consciousness—no need for ‘Hi, how are you?’ at the start of every message, you just dive right in to the juicy stuff. Which could be anything from your mutual appreciation of Jenny from accounts perfectly fierce eyebrows, or whether dancing around the kitchen counts as exercise (it does).
  9. You combine your online shopping orders to save on shipping costs (it just makes sense, right?) and wouldn’t even think about adding to cart without approval from your work bestie.
  10. She’s your partner in crime, but also your voice of reason. The best person to tell it straight in terms of career advice, because she knows you and the workplace. In our case, we had such a strong work BFF vibe that we decided to take the leap and go it alone (together)! We’ve never looked back.

Are you eyeing up a potential work BFF? Go on, take the plunge. It’s worth it!