It’s 8pm on a Wednesday night, you got home late because you were held back at work and all you want to do is order a pizza because it’s quick (and delicious). Well, the good news is that you don’t have to derail your streak of clean eating. UberEATS can deliver you something a) equally yummy, b) healthy and c) in 30 minutes flat. Wanna know the top (healthy) eats in Oz? Here they are:

BRISBANE – Miss Bliss Wholefoods

SYDNEY – Mr Perkins


MELBOURNE – Nutrition Bar

SUNDAYZZZ have your pick ??????

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SYDNEY– Salmon and Bear

MELBOURNE – Patch Cafe

PERTH – Raw Kitchen

MELBOURNE – Serotonin

SEXY VEGAN GALAXY ACAI BOWLS EVERY DAMN DAY ???????????? Tee from Global Vegan Movement ?????? See you for breakfast at 8am

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ADELAIDE – The Nourish’d Kitchen

BRISBANE – Wholesomeness

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