If you thought crystals and gems should be left to hippies and crystal shops, you’ve been missing out on a good thing. Crystals have the power to promote healing, health and positive vibes – and you should start channeling their energies asap.

But don’t stress, you don’t have to be an experienced spiritual goddess to adopt the practise. We’ve picked the 10 of the best gems to help get your chakras in line and promote all the beautiful energy you crave daily!

Rose quartz

This gem is a goodie for the heart chakra. It opens up the heart for all love, whether it’s for yourself, your family, your friends and your lover. It helps release any negative and toxic emotions you might have by allowing empathy and forgiveness to flow through.


Say goodbye to restless nights! Acting as a dream catcher, lepidolite wards off bad dreams and encourages a calm, soothing sleep. But that’s not all it’s good for. It brings on feelings of balance, acceptance and trust.


If you’re lacking courage, compassion or generosity, look no further than the powerful and lucky charm: Jade. It’s a gemstone that’s been used throughout Asia for centuries and helps you attain your goals and dreams by seeing past self-imposed limitations.


This is known as the sun stone so you know it’s going to bring happy vibes. It’ll bring in positive energy, and release all the bad. If success, abundance and personal power are your goals for 2017, you’ll want citrine in your artillery as it channels confidence. As an added bonus, citrine doesn’t absorb any negative energy, so it never needs to be cleansed.


Known as the master healer stone, it can help speed up the healing process, strengthen the immune system and relieve its wearer of stress. It works to align and protect the chakras, resulting in a strengthened body.

Smoky quartz

If you’re holding onto old, negative patterns, smoky quartz is the crystal you need to let go of it all. It aids in releasing blocked, stagnant energy within the body, allowing for light, new energy to take its place.


Emotionally, amethyst can help you heal if you’ve had a loss via a peaceful energy that promotes contentment and emotional stability. It relieves stress and tension, and has the ability to alleviate anxiety.

Black tourmaline

This stone is considered a talisman of protection that deflects negative energy whilst guarding the occupant from radiation and environmental pollutants.

Words by Jessica Olson