If you want to beat the bloat, add these foodie finds to your menu.

LEMON: The vitamins and antioxidants in this zesty fruit support weight loss and help improve detoxification.

CELERY: You burn more kJs munching this veggie than it contains, and its diuretic properties help keep bloat at bay.

YOGHURT: Rich in protein, Greek yoghurt contains active cultures that increase your level of crucial gut-friendly bacteria.

EGGS: The yolk is packed with vitamin B12 to give you energy, and protein to build muscle and keep you feeling full.

AVOCADO: Avos are packed with anti-inflammatory fatty acids and potassium for reducing water retention.

CINNAMON: This warming spice boosts metabolism and aids digestion. It can even help balance blood sugar and nix cravings.

OATS: A fibre-filled brekkie, oats are a source of the amino acid glutamine, which is soothing on your digestive tract.

APPLE: An apple a day offers you 5g of fibre, which helps to keep you full – and keeps your body regular, too.

PINEAPPLE: Summer’s cutest fruit is full of the enzyme bromelain, which helps your body digest food and avoid bloating.

RAW NUTS: Cashews, almonds and Brazil nuts contain protein plus omega-3 fats, which prompt cells to burn fat.

This story originally appeared in the November 2016 issue of Women’s Fitness