Committing to a fitness program can be a tough thing to do. Sure, you’re super motivated in the beginning and can’t wait to get sweaty with all the workouts and drink all the healthy smoothies. But then sometimes you have a bad day because you’re stressed and then that turns into a bad week and before you know it you’ve quit without really admitting it to yourself.

What you need to remind yourself is that you CAN do it. You’re a strong, fearless woman who can do anything and everything you set your mind too. Take these women for example – each and every one has been doing the Bikini Body Guide program by fitness superstar (and girl with the ridiculous abs) Kayla Itsines and they have seen some AMAZING changes to their bodies. Seriously, let’s just give these ladies a round of applause, not just because of how fit they look but how long they’ve committed to the program. Most have been going for over a year – and that is an impressive feat in itself.

So if you need a little motivation to hit your health goals this year, you’ve come to the right place. Behold the most incredible transformations:

@stephaniekatrinaa – 72 weeks

@jaeatleta – 85 weeks

3 – 13 weeks

@sdangerfit – 2 and a half years

@activelyrees – 85 weeks

@rebecca_swiss – 11 months

@fitinthe6 – 32 weeks


@aj.fearsbbg – 1 year

@shaunileocadianicalek – 31 weeks

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